Infobox Bacon
Type Food
Restores 3 Half HungerHunger
Cookable Yes
Stackable Yes(64)
Name bacon

Bacon is a food item which can be eaten by the player.


Bacon is dropped by pigs. They drop a maximum of 2 bacon, but the Looting enchantment increases the maximum number of possible drops by 1 per level.

Pigs can drop 1 cooked bacon if the player kills them with a Fire Aspect sword.


To eat bacon, right-click and hold while the bacon is selected in the hotbar. Eating bacon restores 3 hunger Half HungerHunger and 3.6 hunger saturation.

It is also used to create Egg and Bacon.

Crafting Recipe Edit

In some versions of the mod, Bacon can be crafted by placing a piece of Cooked Meat in the Worktop.
Crafting GUI Mod.png

Cooked Meat




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