Type Block
Durability Unknown
Stackable Yes(64)
Name countertop

countertop_2 countertop_3

The Countertop is the most important tool for crafting in Food Plus. It is used to make almost all food recipes, as well as other Food Plus blocks and items. There are three different variations of the Countertop.

In earlier versions of the mod it is known as a Worktop.

Crafting RecipeEdit

The Countertop can be crafted either by combining Cobblestone , a Knife, and a Crafting Table

Or by placing Countertop 2 in a Crafting Table.

Countertop variation 2 is crafted by placing the Countertop in a Crafting Table.

Countertop variation 3 is crafted by surrounding Countertop 2 with Cobblestone.


The Countertop is used to craft many items, including tools, blocks, armor and food.




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