Welcome to the FoodPlus wiki! Here you will learn about all the different foods, blocks and items, and how to craft them.

Food Plus is a Minecraft modification that includes a large variety of items and blocks of a determined theme. It introduces different processes and ways to obtain food, along with features rarely seen on this thematic.

Please, read this page BEFORE contributing to this wikia, It's very important.

Navigation through the Wiki

The wiki has three main pages, which are subdivided on different pages with the mod content:

  • "On the Wiki" contains all the wiki activity, videos and photos of the mod. In addition, it can "teleport" you to a random page by clicking the "Random page" link.
  • "Wiki Content" contains all the stuff inside the mod, such as items, blocks, drops, achievements, etc.
  • "Help" contains information about the bug tracking system, what and where report something, etc. Also, it includes some contact information about the creator of the mod.

Latest activity

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