Peanuts are a food item and used as an ingredient in various crafting recipes. A number of people are known to be allergic to this nut.

Harvesting Edit

Peanuts are obtained randomly in the wild from breaking grasses.

Farming Edit

Once a peanut is obtained, it can be replanted and grown on tilled soil, with growth stages visually similar to wheat. It takes 3 days to grow, and yields 3 to 8 peanuts when harvested.

Uses Edit

Peanuts are used to make Peanut Butter, which is used in various recipes.

It can also be consumed by the player to restore 2 points of hunger.

Former Versions Edit

In versions 1.6.x:

  • Peanuts cannot be found originating in survival mode and must be spawned in.
  • it had a different appearance resembling a cluster of peanuts instead of a single peanut.